Wash Yer Paws!


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Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to visit Dawgy Suds!

A bit about me!  Hi there!  I am Amy Guillot and I am a native to New Orleans LA however I fell in love with the state of TN after vacationing here many times over the years.  My husband and I knew this is where we wanted to establish our roots and we took the leap and haven’t looked back!  We love it here and we love dogs (dawgs).  We love dogs so much that our entire lives evolve around dogs.

We established a non profit dog rescue named Pet Path in 2017 and then in 2018 we established our Boarding and Training Business Pawsitively K9.  We are literally surrounded by dogs 24/7.  We foster all of the dogs that come into the rescue ourselves and care for and love all of them.

Over the years I grew increasingly concerned about what was in all of the products available on the wide dog product markets.  There are so many chemicals and synthetic ingredients in so much of what we use for our pets as well as ourselves.  I became determined to see what alternatives could be used to provide good quality safe hygiene and care for our dogs.  I studied and researched for months and started making shampoo bars for myself to use as practice.  I gave out samples and many people loved them some prefer a liquid form for a shampoo (we will dive into that soon as well so stick around). A year later I felt confident enough to be able to craft Dawgy Suds Shampoo Bars made with natural essential oils and ingredients.  We will offer a few fragrance Oil scents but our primary scents will only be dog safe natural essential oils.  I loved the idea of this as an alternative to the chemicals and synthetics.  I also loved the shape and particularly selected this shape mold for its easy grip in your hand.  I did not stop there I have decided I wanted to make an entire line of hygiene products that are safe and good for dogs.  We now offer:  Shampoo Bars, Dry Shampoo, Pawfume, Bath Bombs, Snoot and Paw Balm.  Stick around because I plan to also offer liquid shampoo as well as bath salts.

It is so exciting and such an amazing feeling to know how to create these healthier natural alternative products for our beloved furry family members and be able to offer it to others!

Stay tuned as I grow this small business and also note that I do plan to donate a percentage of all sales towards Pet Path to help continue the mission of saving dogs and educating the community on the importance of spay and neuter.