Wash Yer Paws!


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Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to visit Dawgy Suds!

Welcome to Dawgy Suds! I’m Amy Guillot, a proud New Orleans native who’s found her heart and home in Tennessee. My husband and I share a deep passion for dogs, which led us to establish Pet Path, a non-profit dog rescue, and Pawsitively K9, where we offer boarding and training services.

My journey with Dawgy Suds began out of concern for the chemicals found in traditional dog products. Determined to create safer options, I poured months of research and practice into developing Dawgy Suds Shampoo Bars, crafted with natural essential oils. Our goal is simple: to provide dogs with safe, top-quality hygiene products, including shampoo bars, dental biscuits, balms for their snoots and paws, skin balms, dry shampoo, pawfume, and more.

But I’m not stopping there! I’m thrilled to share that we’re expanding our product line to include safe essential oil blends for use in your home. And the best part? With every purchase, you’re not only supporting your pup’s well-being but also contributing to Pet Path’s mission of rescuing dogs and advocating for spaying and neutering.

Stick around for updates as we continue to grow and make a difference, one paw at a time!