Woof Woof-The Benefits of Dawg Safe Essential Oils (EO)


A bit of education on Essential Oil (EO) and the safety of your pets.  Please research which EOs are safe for your pets.  Some are toxic just by breathing them in (careful what you are using in your EO diffuser), some are great topically used, some are great used orally and some are deadly used orally.  Some EOs are great used in moderation yet toxic if used in excess quantity. Please educate yourself and also know you should never apply any EO directly to your pets skin it should always be diluted with a carrier oil.

We have done our research on the EOs we use and have formulated each product to be safe and we are confident in our product for your beloved fur companion.

Coconut Oil-Has natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties.  It can help soothe intimated itchy skin and gives a glossy coat.  Is used as a carrier oil with EO’s.

Sweet Almond Oil-is inflammatory and can be a light sun protectant and soothes their skin.  Is used as a carrier oil with EO’s.

Vanilla EO-consists of comforting and nurturing qualities for nervous and irritable dogs.  It helps to calm dogs down with anxiety.

Lavender EO-Can be used to calm and soothe your dogs and has relaxing properties.  It is also antibacterial and has anti itch agents which are great for skin irritations.

Ginger EO-Imporves skin health by reducing inflammation and soothing irritation.  It also helps with dogs that suffer motion sickness by working as an anti-vomiting and anti-nausea agent.

Sweet Orange EO-Helps to relax and calm your dog, removes dead skin cells, adds deep shine to their coats, deodorizing and is refreshing.  It is an excellent insect repellant and can even help stimulate appetite in dogs that refuse to eat.

Bergamot EO-Can be used to help soothe the nerves and reduce anxiety.  It is has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for their skin and is known for being highly effective for treating ear infections as well as infections of yeast.

Chamomile EO-Has Antibacterial and antispasmodic properties and can help calm stomach issues and promote relaxation.  It can also be used if your dog has tender or itchy skin.

Frankincense EO-Has the ability to help with anxiety, stress and fearful emotions in dogs.  It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties great for wound healing and pain relief.

Clary Sage EO-Has properties to help balance your pets mood when they are in emotional distress.  It can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Jasmine EO-Has been known to help nervous and anxious dogs and has a calming effect.  It can help dogs sleep better, prevent seizures and alleviate anxiety.

Cedarwood EO-Natural Pest repellant!  Promotes healthy skins and can repel fleas and ticks and can be calming and soothing for redness and irritation of the skin.  It is also and effective antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent.

Rose EO-Helps calm your dogs mood.  It will deodorize and can soothe irritated skin.  It also has antioxidant properties.

Geranium EO-Has the ability to treat skin irritations such as rashes and allergies, it will also repel fleas and ticks and can aid in calming and reducing stress and anxiety.

Sandalwood EO-Has antiseptic and soothing properties to calm and nurture.  It can help with ear and eye infections as well as fungal skin infections.

Patchouli EO-Great for topical use to relieve itching and inflammation of the skin as well as reduce the severity of an allergic reaction of the skin.

Lemongrass EO-Amazing insect repellant for mosquitos, fleas and ticks and it also promotes healthy skin.

Cornmint EO-Part of the peppermint family, peppermint is toxic for dogs but Cornmint is safe for them and it smells just like peppermint. It is great for skin and muscles and it can help with pain relief and inflammation!  It is also antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

Eucalyptus EO-Poses antiseptic qualities, Soothing to their skin and can act as a flea and tick repellant.